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We create the best built campaigns for business growth and sales, connecting businesses with their audience on all platforms.

Hi, I’m Daniel Mac Sweeney and I help businesses like yours grow & scale. With over 10 years experience in the online world, I have worked for one of the most prestigious SEO businesses in Melbourne Australia ICU2, developed an App for the running community called DaftRun - The Sports Finder, created an online store selling onesies and have an ever growing community of like minded entrepreneurs on Facebook where I share my knowledge and expertise on a daily basis.

As an entrepreneur, it has gotten me mentioned on longside Daymond John of Shark Tank, featured on The Expat Money Show Podcast and mentioned as one of the most trustworthy upcoming entrepreneurs online by The Profit CoPilot YouTube Channel. 

During the better part of 2018 I have developed my skills in marketing, especially Facebook ads focusing essentially on growth and sales for businesses and my own community. Having learned from the leading marketers in their space, taking tons of courses and testing with trial and error, I have become an expert myself.

I has worked with the likes Ben Oberg of Millionaire Mafia and Mikkel Thorup of Expat Money Show helping them with growth and sales on their businesses. Myself and my team know what it takes to target the right audience and turn them into paying customers.

At Financial Freedom Forever, we create the best built campaigns for business growth and sales, connecting businesses with their audience on all platforms.

I promise to do for you, what I have done for others and myself, and that’s to get results.

Before I get into what we do, let me tell you why Facebook Ads are the most essential and important part to grow and scale your business!

Why Facebook Ads?

Before the internet, businesses relied totally on word of mouth, newspapers, billboards, tv & radio advertising.

Thing is though, these forms of advertising are expensive and also aren’t efficient for targeting your niche audience, but instead wasting your hard earned advertising budget on every Tom, Dick and Harry known to man, you should be focusing on Internet Marketing instead.

Then along came Google Ads and it changed everything. Now you could put your ads in front of people who had an interest in your particular niche and continuously show your ad to them. In 2003 came along the giant we all have come to know as Facebook, a social network of connections and communities.

Now, not only could you target people for what they were interested in but in demographics like age, relationships, location, events, buyers, interests and build communities around them.

There’s more, the greatest thing with using the likes of Facebook ads is that you can target your competitors audiences to acquire them for yourself and then create lookalike audiences in the process which can lead to sales.

Another few advantages and differences between the old style of advertising and the new is that, instead of advertising an ad to a random potential customer, you are building a relationship someone who is interested in what you have to say, before you promote anything, getting them to stick around in your circle and creating world of mouth with their like minded friends and family.

I look at Facebook ads as a way to capture my potential customers into my Ecosystem so I can send them to where I want them to go and make repeat sales, when I want and whatever platform I target.

It doesn't matter what platform you are on, most if not all the people that are on them are on Facebook. This is why Facebook Ads are perfect for growth when it comes to growing on all the others. Ads can bring people into your Ecosystem, and when everything else is connected it’s like a jigsaw, all the pieces come together. 

What Kind Of Results Should Be Expected?

Honestly, getting results on advertising really depends on what your product is and how much your customers wants and understands it.
If your product is shit or if you’ve a service that no one wants, your dead in the water.

Once you have a good product and/or service that people want, everything fits into place in the Ecosystem. In advertising, it’s a known fact that there are too pools that your business can fit into, the blue ocean and the red ocean.

The red ocean is red because it’s full of sharks who are killing everything else (the competition), and the blue ocean is blue because there is still an opportunity to catch lots of fish.

The way the Ecosystem that I’ve created works is that it doesn’t matter if you’re in the red or blue ocean, what matters is how you catch all the fish that they’ve captured for you already, which makes it easier for you to eat (make sales).

Here is an example of some results I’ve gotten recently targeting the red ocean for my potential customers. It cost me less than $25 to grow my following an extra 500 people and captured 6 people into my Funnel. 


Targeting a Niche Audience

What’s important here is that it cost me less to acquire a potential lead, which I can retarget whenever I want all because they are now in my net.

These are the type of results myself and my team bring to the table. Growing an audience for our clients to put their products and services in front of their targeted niche, whenever they like.

This is how the Ecosystem works!

My client Ben Orberg of Millionaire Mafia focuses mainly on Instagram with selling his products earning him around $60,000 per month, but when it comes to his services he earns more by connecting and engaging with his audience on Facebook.

The reason why he makes so much is that he has put together all the pieces of the puzzle to lead his audience into a sale with his ecosystem which include lead magnets, landing pages, email sequences, sales pitch etc.

Cost Per Click

Your audience is the key to both growth and longevity of your business.

You need to ask yourself the question, are you in it for a short time or a good time?

Here are some results that I got on a campaign for Ben on growth which turned into sales.  

The results of this ad I did for Ben is for a high end product. Typically the CPC (cost per click) for a high end product would cost in the region of $6 to $12 or more. As you can see, the cost per lead that I got for my client only cost $0.29. 

Still, even with these results if the landing page doesn't convert the ad results doesn't matter. Everything needs to be connected and put into place the right way.

That's why the Ecosystem is so Important! 

Why You Need An Expert?

It might be hard to admit as a business owner that you can’t do everything yourself. What you should do is focus on what your good at and build upon that. That’s why you are a business owner in your niche to begin with, you are the expert in it.

If you asked me what you do, I wouldn’t be able to answer half the questions that you would, but if the tables were turned and you were asked about Facebook Advertising it would be the same result.
I am the expert in my field, just like you are in yours.

By focusing on what we’re good at, it helps join the dots in what we want to achieve, which are results!

Myself and my team spend many hours a day not only educating ourselves on everything to do with marketing but testing with trial and error too.
We know how it works and why it works.

Most business owners don’t understand how powerful Facebook Ads are and why it can bring their business up a few levels.

Mostly it’s because they're afraid to spend money on advertising online because they feel like the money could be better served in servicing the customers. Only thing is though, without new customers your business would never grow.

In what we do, we find the right ad which a conversion might only cost you a dollar, and you get two back.

Isn't that better than always just surviving?

Not only are you then doubling your money but also getting a repeat customer base to make continuous sales moving forward.

Businesses owners also don’t like the thought of paying an expert to do all this for them.

The thing is that, when hiring an expert to do these things they’ve gotta look at it like the expert is a staff member who doesn’t just cost them wages to serve the customer, but also getting hundreds of new customers into their business for pretty much the same monthly price providing them with a profit.

Why wouldn't a business want that service?
Why wouldn't you? 

Here’s What I Can Do For You!

Help create something for free that gives value. So if you are selling real estate, this could be a floor plan pdf, an invite to an open house, or whatever I decide resonates the most with your ideal customer.

I’ll create a simple sales funnel that automatically brings them into the ecosystem capturing their emails to send them this free gift in exchange for their name, email and phone. Now you have your lead!

I will create an ad for your business. Ads are the fastest way to growth and sales especially with Facebook ads. I’ll target your ideal customer, and not just a “maybe” customer.

This is where you will see cheap leads that convert into real SALES from your product or service.

I’ll manage your entire ad campaign. You won’t have to lift a finger. You’ll get fresh leads everyday the second they come in so you can showcase what you have to offer.

These potential customers will be added to your ecosystem automatically so you can follow up by email or by bot. 

Ok, What’s It Going To Cost Me?

Advertising isn’t cheap, but it’s totally worth it when you can put in a dollar and make two back.

“Success is only a dream that dreamers dream and action takers make reality.”

$1,500 Set Up Fee; This includes building out your whole ecosystem from your social networks, building your sales funnels, audience research, ads set up and setting up your campaign.

$1,000 Per Month Management Fee; This fee is for actually running your ads, checking them daily, adjusting targeting and scaling budgets, and a bit of consulting. Your second month’s fee is not due until 30 days after your first ad begins. There is no contract, so if we aren’t performing well for you, after the end of the months payment has been made, it’s you who decides if you want to keep us on.

Ad Budget; You decide this. You will pay Facebook directly for your ads. I will be the guy running them. I recommend spending $300-$500 initially over 1-2 weeks for the split test.

Split testing allows me to narrow down which targeting gets you the most for your money. Once we run the split test, you should know approx how much your leads are going to cost you. After that, it’s all about how many sales you want! At this point you can decide how much you want to spend each week.

Lead Cost Estimate; I estimate I can get leads for your business for $1 - $6 each. Keep in mind though that my leads kick total ass. 

How to get started Today...

If this proposal sounds good to you, let me know!

I’ll send you a credit card authorisation form. Fill it out and send it back. Or if you want to land a spot on my favourite people list, 2-day me a check instead. Merchant fees suck.

Next, I’ll send you a form with specific questions about your business and requests for things like pictures, brochures, videos, etc.

I’ll start working on your sales funnel, ad and ecosystem, and the magic begins!

Then after we get results, I’ll bug you for an interview or testimonial so I can brag about it and sell more of my coaching and courses!

My goal is to create super results for you and your business… 

Thank You For Considering Me,

Enquire Today...


Daniel is the Man! He is such a driven and hardworking Entrepreneur. He put's out lot's of thought provoking content and his blog has some awesome posts. 
Thanks for everything you do Daniel

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Daniel has been extremely helpful to me in getting started in my online journey. I Highly recommend you hire Daniel Mac Sweeney
I can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed.

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