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Financial Freedom Forever

Financial Freedom Forever

#1 Facebook Group for Super-Star Entrepreneurs Who Want Success Online

"Success takes time, through failure, blood, sweat and tears, with this group I learned from my mistakes and reached my goals" - Daniel Mac Sweeney


Just Imagine having complete access to entrepreneurs that have built successful businesses online from scratch...

  •  What if you could hang out in a community of entrepreneurs that all aim to grow their businesses from scratch into successful online companies.
  • Imagine being able to interact with Masters of their respective industries who are financially free.
  • What if you could learn from entrepreneurs that have skills in all aspects online, like Facebook ads, Domaining, Seo, Podcasting, Wordpress and more?



Step by Step to Winning Online & Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur...


Begin at 0

Success doesn't happen right away, it takes time. There are a ton of things to learn and study but don't let that hold you back. If you have the drive to succeed you will fit into this group. Our members were once like you, they started at nothing and got to where they are today by learning from others, including myself


Step 1

Learning from others is the No1 thing any new entrepreneur should do. Surround yourself with like minded people that will boost your confidence, give you tips and guide you through any brick wall that you come to.


Learn From Your Mistakes

If you talk to any successful entrepreneur they will tell you that before they reached success, they went through many failures, and by failing they learned from their mistakes. Our members, including myself, make mistakes on a daily basis, and by making these mistakes we know what works and what doesn't.


 No Idea What To Do?

That's fine, most people don't. By talking to the members and seeing what they are doing, you'll soon know what direction that you will take with your new business. Learn how to grow and email list, Facebook Marketing, Selling Products Online with Amazon, Wordpress and Shopify. 


Progress towards a more improved, advanced you!

Connecting with other entrepreneurs, listening and learning from them can help you grow into a better you.  Grow your creativity & mind and your bank account. Live the life that others can only dream of because unlike you they don't take action...




"Are you struggling with doing something online?

Whether it be finding a brand name for your business or setting up an email responder to grow a list.

Or you are wondering how to build great, stylish landing page.

Your at that point, that thinking about starting Google or Facebook ads for your business or company but don't know where to start...!

That's why I'm here, that is why I started this group.

Join me here in this Group, and if I can, 
I or the Masters will answer any question you have about the
nuts & bolts of the internet...


Daniel Mac Sweeney

Founder of Financial Freedom Forever




Why Other Entrepreneurs and Businesses Are Joining Financial Freedom Forever

People don't join just for fun, they join because...


  • Show how to do product research online. What products work, where to find them, how to sell them without spending a penny and be in profit on day one.


  • Ignore the haters, and connect with others just like you. Everyone is this group want you to succeed. Connect with like minded people, and start winning today because tomorrow might be too late.


  • Growing a following on all platforms, from E-mail, Facebook, Instagram and more. Having a large audience is THE best way to making a passive income online.


  • Brand awareness is important, our community knows this, and we show you how to grow and protect your brand on all networks.


  • Help set goals for people so that they can aim to beat them. Whether its simple like loosing weight, to making their first sale, setting up a business or learning to just live life. We are there for our community.


  • They join because they want to have a life of freedom. To do what they want with their time and not live on someone else's terms. There are ways and means to do this, and we share these steps with our community.


  • Tools and websites are shared that other marketers might not have heard of, to automate and build a successful business online.


  • Learning how to become an Affiliate, set it up, the key strategies, to targeting the right audience, where to put them and how to use them to make money while you sleep.


  • Sell on eBay, the right steps to making a first sale within hours not days. Finding items to sell and hacking other sales pages.


  • How to set up a Funnel that works, tools used and how to get it out there to the masses. 


  • Investment tips on Domains. What to buy, where to buy and how to sell. Play the long term huge profit game or the fast small profit game.


  • Facebook ads for beginners. Facebook is rapidly gaining speed on advertising and now you can easily target just about anyone. Learn simple steps that can make money right away without spending a vast fortune on ads.




Our Members are Killing it Online...

Facebook Strategy Master - Sally Hendrick

I am Sally Hendrick, Founder of Social Media Traffic School, Social Media Examiner Contributor, and international keynote speaker specializing in target market research, marketing funnels, digital courses, and Facebook advertising strategies from Nashville, TN. is my website.

How I'm killing it online...
Digital client audience development and tracking are my strengths. If you can't find your clients online, it makes selling your offers a lot harder. I blog and post on social media about life and business by focusing on the struggles, stories, and statistics of my ideal clients. That leads them into my online academy and other offers. Knowing who they are, where they hang out, and what they click on is key to killing it online. That's what I help my clients with.

Being part of a Community...

Seeing others go through similar struggles helps minimise the overwhelm of entrepreneurship. When you run your own business, it's all on you. Community keeps you motivated and gives you a safe platform to bounce off ideas and talk through issues.

Advice for New Entrepreneurs...
Pay attention. Keep your integrity. Give more than you take. Hire a business coach who gets you. 


Wordpress Expert at - Stephen B. Henry 

My name is Steve and I'm known online by many as the WordPress Wizard and the Coach's Coach. I participate in several key communities, from Facebook groups to website forums. These are great places to share with, and to help, others which leads to significant organic and direct traffic. I build my business through helping others. Works for me.

How I'm killing it online...
I am an inbound marketing practitioner (as well as a teacher of this amazing subject) and through the use of video and other group participation on social media, and effective SEO for my website/blog, I receive significant traffic to my website. I earn my entire living online, so something must be working. I teach others how to do the same.

Being part of a Community...
I participate in several key communities, from Facebook groups to website forums. These are great places to share with, and to help, others which leads to significant organic and direct traffic. I build my business through helping others. Works for me.

Advice for New Entrepreneurs
First thing, get your website up and open. Don't wait for "the right time" or for it to be "perfect". Start building your SEO footprint now. If you don't, you'll certainly wish you did one day when you understand why I'm saying this. Learn your craft and stay current. It's all about authority and that's the best way to get there from here. Start blogging on your (new) website now and blog regularly providing quality information for, and help to, others. Make it less about you and all about them. Be the go-to person in your niche and people will come to you and they will purchase products and/or services from you when their need is right.

Owner of The Brand Geeks - Chris McGillycuddy

My name is Chris McGillycuddy - Owner of The Brand Geeks, a boutique marketing & branding agency based in Killorglin, Co. Kerry.

How I'm killing it online...
Our main strategy online is to use the tools available to us to create an extension of our personality to connect with new potential customers. Now that we have the opportunities to connect with people hundreds and thousands of miles away just as well as our next door neighbour, we can benefit from a huge variety of experiences. 

Being part of a Community...

Being part of a community has been a huge part of our success. Over the few short years that we are in business we join both online and offline networking events on a very regular basis. One of the main communities that we use is the IrishBizParty as this is all Irish business owners or Managers and we can learn from their various experiences.

Advice for New Entrepreneurs...
Go with gut instinct, if you have a feeling that something will work for your business TRY IT. If it works it will be brilliant, but if it doesn't it will be a huge learning experience. We've learned more from the things that we have failed at than the pieces that have been a great success. Another piece of advice is something that I have only slowly learned if I am honest; "Turnover for vanity and PROFIT for sanity" . This might be an obvious piece of advice but over the first few years we have been far too generous with our time without thinking of the value that we were giving. Now, this is part of the forefront for us and better again our customers are happy to pay us for our expertise and creativity. 

Podcaster at The Podcast Creative - John Potess

    Hey, I’m John Potess, the founder of The Podcast Creative - a productized service that provides podcast post-production services and resources for DIY podcasters. Being part of a community allows me to benefit from other peoples experiences and get perspectives from experts in different fields. Just having the input and fellowship of other entrepreneurs has helped me elevate my ventures to a level that would have been impossible going completely solo.

    How I'm killing it online...
    TPC is a service-based model, but I’ve always wanted to create an actual product. So, the last few months I’ve been diving into course creation - a completely new and exciting area for me. Now, after a few months of hard work, my first course - Create and Launch Your Podcast Website will be open.

    Being part of a Community...
    Being part of a community allows me to benefit from other peoples experiences and get perspectives from experts in different fields. Just having the input and fellowship of other entrepreneurs has helped me elevate my ventures to a level that would of been impossible going completely solo.

    Advice for New Entrepreneurs
    Don’t get bogged down trying to implement all the different strategies you learn about at the same time. Focus on a single strategy, give it your full attention, and put it into action.
    The commonly used phrase, “perfection is the enemy of progress,” is 100% accurate. Your product, website, creation, etc. is never going to be perfect. Release it to the public, receive feedback, and improve each future iteration based on that feedback.



    Questions that New Members Usually Ask

    ~ What will I learn in this group that I wouldn't learn in another one?
    In this group, I hope to be able to help you advance in your business. I have thought myself how many things online, but It wasn't until I joined a group, much like this one I started seeing success. In Financial Freedom Forever you'll get clips and examples of how to's and plenty motivation. I think what makes this group stand out from the others, is that here we stand by each other, to help not only ourselves but other members reach a level of success.
    ~ Why Is there a rigorous questionnaire to join?
    We don't want any person to join, like watchers that don't interact or copy cat's that steal ideas and claim it for their own. It is important that we, as a community talk to one another and help when we can. If we didn't interact, we would all be stuck in the stone age, still banging sticks. Some members are more advanced than others and don't need to learn about setting up a business, and others do, so by knowing this, we will be able to send them the right type of information and connect people to the right people at the right time in their journey.
    ~ If I join this group, will I succeed Online?
    I'll be honest with you, No... Why? Because it all depends on you. If you want to succeed online, if you want to join the super rich, you will have to put in the work, learn the lessons, read the books and watch the videos. This is not a fast track to becoming rich, this group is the help you need when you need advice and training. I personally share training videos and the rest of the masters are there to answer any questions that you might have. 
    Will you succeed online? Yes, if you really want this, and have a deep urge to become better than you are, right now is the time, don't leave things until tomorrow.
    ~ Can I be a Master too?
    Yes, you can, but first, you have to be a "Master". You have to show success, prove what you do is working and be willing to share your experiences with others. Have you a skill, do you have experience with affiliate links, podcasting, live feeds, marketing, branding etc, then you already are, a Master. Share with others what you know, teach them things that they don't or how to perfect a thing they do. If you want to be a Master on our Group, do the questionnaire and let me know, what you are a Master in, and if you want to be part of something big.
    ~ Is this a community 
    This is a community where we all help each other grow. We have daily posts that you can follow to keep up to date with training, free guides, tools and loads more. We are not here to just benifet ourselves, we are here to improve all our lives. To help each other climb out of the deep, never ending hole of working life and aim toward a better one, where you can have a total life of Freedom. The one we all strive for, the one that we work hard for and the one that we all can get to, with the help of each other.
    ~ Or a membership group?

    This is also a Membership group, which is totally free for life-time membership. This group gets more valuable, as time goes on.
    Within your first week of joining, you will then have the knowledge to make a few hundred dollars a month. 
    I hope that you take this step, to changing your life and to aim for something more than just an existence...  



    What I want for this group, is to help people on their journey. To answer their questions, and if I or the Masters can, share the right advice so they don't make the same mistakes that we did on our journeys... I will be sharing training video's, advice, docs, ebooks, etc... and the Masters will be sharing free videos or free training that they have so we can help people reach their goals...



    Are You Ready to Join #1 Exclusive Facebook Group for Super-Star Entrepreneurs
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