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🚀 Like it or hate it, Social Media is the place to be no matter what age!

For most people, they’re too busy posting pictures of their food or babies to understand how much of a Juggernaut Social Media actually is... and how much it can scale lifestyle.

For us Entrepreneurs, it doesn’t matter what network we are using as long as there’s an audience and this one ☝️ has the most, with over 1 Billion people in they’re community.

That’s 100 Million active mobile users monthly. So even if you got half, of a half a percentage of people to pay you for your products or services, just imagine the possibilities, you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself.

One of the main things that I’ve learned on my journey is that you can be a mentor to everyone. Social Media is the greatest platform to do this with.
But be sure to treat each and everyone in your community like they are your students and not your cash machine.

You’ll have great power as you grow your community, you’ll be able to bend the rules as you see fit, but like I said many times before to my students, treat your audience like you’d like to be treated.

If you create rules to begin with, be sure to follow them because, if they see you bending them to your own advantage, they will try too and when you do this, stories will spread online of your hypocrisy and you’ll never be trusted.

To become a great leader and mentor share with your audience 98% of what you know, they’ll be thankful for that.
The more you give, the more you’ll get back.

You’re probably wondering,
“Can I do this, can I start today and can you show me how”?

YES, YES, YES... Is the answer to all your questions.

1. You definitely can do this.
To say you’ve even asked that question means that you have something in you that most people don’t, the will to better yourself.

2. You can start today, but it won’t happen overnight. You need to have patience.
What I can tell you is that, you could have over 5,000 people in your audience that are interested in what you are selling in your niche, potential clients that will hire you and something to sell, whether it be products or services.

3. The answer to your last question is YES.
I can help you. I will work with you to figure out what niche you’re in, help you build your lead magnets and show you how to grow your niche audience within four to five weeks. We’ll figure out products or services to sell depending on your niche and also help you find clients to work with.
Not only that, you’ll have access to my Facebook Community Course and my Secret Private Facebook Community...


SKILL #1: How to Brand your business
- How to come up with an Idea
- Search and purchase your Domain name
- Connect your Social Media Accounts

SKILL #2: Facebook page set-up
- What your Group is all about
- Find similar groups
- How to model other communities
- Build your Facebook page
- Get a logo & banner
- Create page details
- Welcome message
- What to say, introduce & add to group

SKILL #3: How to find Clients and grow a Niche audience,
- Find the perfect members and clients for your community, to work for and to serve.
- Massive Growth

SKILL #4: Keep your audience active
- Themes as in different Threads daily, weekly or monthly
- Facebook Lives - Q&A
- Interviews
- Daily posts

SKILL #5: How to create a Lead Magnet
- How to find similar Lead Magnets to Model
- Structure
- Funnels
- What type of funnel to build
- Where and how to find copy
- Use my Ultimate Community Funnel
- Connect your Domain
- Test, & test again
- Get ready for launch

SKILL #6: Fundamentals of Facebook & Instagram advertising
- Pixels
- Images
- Copy
- Target audience
- Ads

With the skills that I teach and share with you will have an audience in your niche who are your ultimate fans, clients that will hire you, buy your products and pay for your services that you sell...

Still Unsure?
Message me for a 10 minute Consult on what I can help you achieve, otherwise you can join my training at ___

I’m only training five individuals a month, so book a call in plenty time.

See you on the inside

Daniel Mac Sweeney
The Social Media Guy 😎